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UKC Gr Sh Ch PR Buchanans Kraut Creek Blue Sara(Sugar)
Deceased  2-22-1999 /1-3-2009


Sugar never got turned loose during the 2007-2008 season. I had too many youg dogs to hunt and was trying to finish out a couple that should have been finished 2-3 years earlier!  I loaned Sugar this past season(2006-2007) to Cole Durst from Union City ,Oh. He put around 30 coon down to her. He must have liked her he kept trying to buy her! Just wish she would come in heat . I'd like to raise one more litter from her. She hasn't come in right in about 2 yrs. Doesn't look good! Guess she will be a good ole pleasure dog untill she passes on! 

Sugar started at 14 months.  She is a medium hunting, fast one way track dog and a chop mouth tree dog with a long bawl locate.  Her main fault is she won't tree with strange dogs or she would Nt Ch out easily.  Sugar was co-owned by me and Mike Buchannan of Brookville ,Oh until she was 2 yrs old.  Mike started her- I finished her.  I put all the show wins on her.  She has 25 pups on the ground from 2 litters (she raised them all).  She was bred to Mike's Gr Ch Abe dog the first time and to  Gr Ch Gr Nt Ch Droop III the 2nd time.  She is a proven reproducer.